Porsche 911: The Practically Free Supercar (Review)

Porsche 911 on mountain road

The Porsche 911 must be one of the greatest engineering designs of all time. It’s timeless, functions superbly, and is incredibly desirable. It’s even reliable and suitable for everyday use — not like exotic Italian metal.

Having (briefly) driven a couple of newer models, I can confirm that they’re easy to drive slowly 🙂 However, I’d understand it if you said a Porsche was out of your reach. I’ve always felt that way too.

So I was interested when author and Porsche enthusiast Robert McGowan got in touch and offered to send me a copy of his new book, Porsche 911: The Practically Free Supercar.

As the title suggests, Robert’s new book claims to show that owning a Porsche 911 can be “practically free”.

Is this guy for real?

Most Porsche books come loaded with history and technical detail. There are often lots of great photos. But they usually steer away from the financial business of owning a collectible supercar.

Porsche 911 includes all the history and technical info that most people will ever need. But it also contains something a bit different.

As a lifelong fan of the marque who has owned three older Porsches, Robert’s has 11 years’ experience of owning three different Porsches. In this book, he shares the practical details and full costs of buying, selling and owning each of these German supercars.

Classic Porsche 911 in Scottish mountains

This could work

Without wanting to give too much away, the gist of Robert’s argument is that prices of good, collectible Porsche models have been rising steadily. If you buy well and take good care of your Porsche, his experience suggests you’ll have a good chance of getting your money back when you sell.

Obviously there’s no guarantee that this will remain true in the future. But I do agree that Porsche 911’s will probably remain in demand for as long as the internal combustion engine is in use.

This book goes into a lot of practical detail and includes information about the most affordable Porsche models to buy, common problems and (many) things to check when you buy.

Robert also describes the maintenance and repair work he’s had to do on each of his Porsches, and what it’s cost. It’s probably fair to say that ownership costs were lower than I expected.

Overall, I’d recommend this book as a good starting point if you’re considering buying your first Porsche 911 (or a Boxster).

Book details (buy on Amazon =>):

Title: Porsche 911: The Practically Free Supercar
Author: Robert McGowan
ISBN: 978-1091444836

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