Renault Launches Its Lowest Emission Production Car – Ever

Renault Clio eco2
The Renaul Clio Eco2 model - CO2 emissions are just 98g/km

Renault has just launched its lowest-emission production model ever – the new Clio eco².

It’s one of a range of eco² models being produced by the French manufacturer, who will be launching an all-electric range of vehicles next year, too.

Renault is by no means unique in having special eco-friendly models that are designed to reduce CO2 emissions and fuel consumption – but unlike some other manufacturers, it is pricing them at the same level as its regular models, rather than charging a premium for the greener specification.

The Clio eco² has CO2 emissions of just 98g/km – meaning that road tax will be free (2010/11 figures) and an official combined fuel consumption figure of 76.3mpg – even allowing for some real-world worsening of this, it should still be a pretty frugal car to run.

The Clio eco² is powered by a 1.5-litre dCi diesel that offers 86hp and good driving performance. It is priced from £12,690 and orders are now being taken by Renault dealers – so if the eco² attracts you, why not pay your nearest dealer a visit?

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