Book Review: Haynes – Learn To Drive (All In One Book)

Haynes Learn To Drive All In One Book by Robert Davies

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I recently wrote about the fall in young driver numbers and marvelled at the number of lessons which learner drivers now require to pass the driving test. It is a subject I plan to return to, as the combined cost of insurance and driving lessons is threatening to make learning to drive completely unaffordable for many under 25s.

I thought about all of this while reading Learn To Drive, a review copy of which I recently received from Haynes. Learn To Drive is billed as an All In One Book as it contains all the supporting material you need to pass your practical driving test, theory test and hazard perception test.

Learn To Drive is clearly presented, logically ordered and goes into enough detail without going too far. I found it easy to read and understand and well illustrated and it includes the official DSA revision questions for the theory test, making it a useful revision tool.

This book also makes an ideal companion to a course of driving lessons and should serve two purposes for learner drivers. It can be used to confirm what has just been taught in a recent lesson, and it can be used to prepare for future lessons. In both ways, learn drivers should be able to get better value from their (expensive) driving lessons.

I would probably go further and say that learner drivers might well be able to save themselves a few hours of professional tuition if they study Learn To Drive thoroughly, learn the Highway Code properly and cement all of this knowledge by observing how the road system works when they are travelling (as passengers) by car. Says:

Learn To Drive is easy to use and covers everything you need to know when learning to drive. It’s nicely illustrated and with an RRP of £14.99, it won’t break the bank.

If you are really keen on teaching yourself and learning a few basics about cars, buy a copy of The Car Book, too.

Buy Learn To Drive direct from Haynes or on Amazon (Amazon⇒)

Book Information:

ISBN: 978-0857331496
Title: Learn To Drive
Author: Robert Davies
Publisher: Haynes

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