Book Review: Preston Tucker & Others by Arvid Linde (RRP £19.99)

Preston Tucker & Others, by Arvid Linde

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The history of the car is littered with big personalities, fascinating diversions and big successes that somehow ended up becoming failures. Arvid Linde’s new book, Preston Tucker & Others, tells the story of some of these automotive adventurers and looks at the cars they created and the stories behind them.

Preston Tucker & Others is divided into three main sections. The first, The Dreamers, looks at pioneering automotive engineers such as John Delorean and Preston Tucker who came close to changing the course of automotive history but failed at the last minute for some reason. The second section, Times and Countries, looks at the way that the automotive industry developed in different European countries while the third and final section, There is Nothing New About A Car, reveals just how long ago certain modern ‘innovations’ were actually invented.

Preston Tucker & Others is perhaps a little long-winded at times, but Arvid Linde has managed to group together countless interesting nuggets of information that you are unlikely to find in many other places. All in all, it’s a fascinating read for anyone interested in the history of the car and the personalities that shaped it.

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Title: Preston Tucker & Others
Author: Arvid Linde
Publisher: Veloce
ISBN: 978-1845840174

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