Haynes Manuals Go Online – WIN A Lifetime Subscription

Haynes online manuals are optimised for tablet PCs
The new Haynes online manuals have been optimised for tablet PCs (image courtesy of Haynes)

Haynes manuals go digital in new online offering – WIN a lifetime subscription

Haynes manuals are legendary amongst DIY car mechanics and the company has sold more than 150 million of them over the last fifty years.

I even own a couple myself, although I would never claim to have any mechanical skills (but I can do the basics between services). Yet there is no denying that the mostly black and white printed format looks a bit dated these days.

Haynes obviously agrees because it has recently launched a new online offering, enabling customers to purchase and view manuals on t’internet.

Introducing ManualsOnline

So far, only Haynes top 50 most popular manuals are available in the new ManualsOnline format, with another 50 scheduled for release over the next year.

Each guide contains all the content from the existing manuals, upgraded with enlargeable colour photos, how-to videos and glossaries. The guides are searchable and have been optimised for viewing on tablet PCs, in the expectation, I suppose, that you will take your tablet out to the garage and use it there.

The main downside to the new system is that the manuals are online only — you need internet access to view them and they cannot be downloaded for offline viewing. This ties into Hayne’s pricing system for the guides, which is based on subscriptions.

Two subscription choices are available — one year (£25/manual) or lifetime (£30/manual). This compares to a typical cost of £15-£20 for one of the book manuals (on Amazon). I think it’s a pity that Haynes couldn’t make the pricing the same, as the new offering seems quite expensive in comparison.

Competition – WIN A Lifetime Subscription

To celebrate the launch of ManualsOnline, Haynes is giving away a lifetime subscriptions to a manual of your choice each week for four weeks.

Entry is via Haynes’ Facebook page — click here to enter.

More Information

For more information or to buy one of the new digital manuals, visit the Haynes ManualsOnline website at: uk.haynes.com.

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