Christmas Book Review: 365 Sports Cars You Must Drive

365 Sports Cars You Must Drive

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365 Sports Cars You Must Drive is a long, expensive and horsepower-filled daydream between the covers of a book.

Opening the covers of this book leads to one of those ‘if only’ moments, when your mind fills with thoughts about all the cars you would own, if only money wasn’t an object and you had the time to travel the world searching them out.

365 Sports Cars… is little short of an encyclopaedia of desirable and often rare sports cars – from the obvious to the truly esoteric. Written by well-known automotive writer John Lamm with Larry Edsall and Steve Sutcliffe, the authors’ enthusiasm is palpably genuine and the book’s photos are often mouth-watering.

It is written for the American market, but other than having prices in dollars, this makes little difference. The book contains a fair mixture of European, Japanese and American sports cars from the last eighty years, and should appeal to anyone who likes fast cars from any era.

365 Sports Cars You Must Drive is great fun for sports car fans and filled with enviable pictures and performance statistics – although for most of us, it should probably have been titled If Only I could Get To Drive Just One Of These Cars.

A perfect stocking filler for a sports car fan – available on Amazon (Amazon⇒) or direct from the publisher, Motorbooks.

Book Details

Author: John Lamm
Author: Larry Edsall
Author: Steve Sutcliffe
Format: Paperback, 320 Pages
ISBN: 9780760340455
Publisher: Motorbooks

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