Book Review: Red Bull Racing F1 Car Manual (Haynes)

Haynes Red Bull Racing F1 Car Manual

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Red Bull’s spectacularly fast RB6 F1 car gave the team an early lead in the 2010 championship that led to them winning both the Constructors’ and Drivers’ World Championships in the final race of 2010.

The team has repeated the feat this year with even more conviction, wrapping up both championships with several races to spare (indeed, as I write this, there are still two races remaining).

Star driver Sebastian Vettel must take much of the credit for his two consecutive world championships, but as he is the first to admit, some of his success is due to the car he drives and its designer, Adrian Newey. For the uninitiated, Adrian Newey has an almost god-like reputation in F1 circles, having designed eight Constructors’ Championship-winning cars over the last 19 years.

In Red Bull Racing F1 Car, Haynes author Steve Rendle takes a detailed look at the design and construction of a Formula One car, focusing on Red Bull’s 2010 car, the RB6. This book contains a surprising amount of detail on all aspects of the car and is a fascinating read for anyone interested in the engineering side of Formula One.

Aerodynamics, suspension, brakes, engine design and even start-up routines (the oil is heated outside the car before being pumped in) are covered in this book, which is well illustrated with both photos and diagrams.

There are also contributions from both of Red Bull’s drivers, Chief Technical Officer Adrian Newey and team boss Christian Horner, as well as a look behind the scenes at the team’s factory, HQ and race day operating centres.

Buy Red Bull Racing F1 Car from Haynes or on Amazon (Amazon⇒).

Book Information
Title: Red Bull Racing F1 Car
Author: Steve Rendle
Publisher: Haynes
Format: Hardback, 270 x 210mm, 160 pages, 350 colour & 50 b&w illustrations
ISBN: 9780857330994

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