Car Care – Lights

Checking that your lights are working only takes a minute and is an important safety check.

Check your car lights regularly

The police can stop you for having non-working lights and it can also be dangerous at night, giving other motorists a false impression of the size and position of your vehicle.

To check the lights, switch them all on and then walk around your car. You may need the engine running and will certainly need to put the ignition into the ‘on’ position to do this.

Test the indicators in both positions to make sure the switch is working properly and get a friend or neighbour to check that your brake lights work when you push the pedal (or park in front of a big window and look at the reflection in your rear view mirror!).

If you do find that any bulbs have blown, then your car’s owners manual should contain instructions for replacing them, including the type of bulb you need.

This can be a bit awkward to do on some vehicles, so a simple alternative is to go to your nearest Halfords and use its ‘We Fit’ bulb fitting service. This is a much cheaper option than taking your car to a main dealer and will not invalidate any warranty you may have.

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