Car Care – Windscreen Washer Fluid (Screenwash)

Car Care - ScreenwashRunning out of screenwash won’t damage your car but it can be dangerous, especially in winter when the roads are wet and the windscreen quickly gets covered in dirty spray, reducing your visibility.

Fortunately, topping up your screenwash is a very simple task:

  1. Raise the bonnet of your car and secure it in the raised position.
  2. Locate the screenwash filler cap – it is usually marked with a windscreen washer symbol but if in doubt, check your car’s owner manual.
  3. Take the cap off and top up with a mixture of water and screenwash anti-freeze fluid. This helps to get the dirt off your windscreen and prevents your screenwash freezing when you need it most.

    Screenwash anti-freeze is not the same as engine anti-freeze – don’t use them interchangeably.

Finding The  Screenwash Refill Screenwash

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