Car Care – Tyres

Checking your tyres only takes a few minutes and will help them last longer and provide better braking and handling performance. Follow our simple guide:

  1. Check the pressure of each tyre – at either a garage or using a tyre pressure gauge. (See our Tyre Inflation Guide for full instructions)
  2. Check each tyre for excessive or uneven wear and any damage. Look for:
    1. Example of your car tyre treadUneven wear across the tread
    2. Cuts or punctures in the sidewalls
    3. Bulges in the sidewalls
    4. Tread depth – 1.6mm is the legal limit, but once it goes below 3mm, start thinking about new tyres

If you spot any problems, take your car to a tyre-fitting centre for a check – these are usually free and can be done in a few minutes while you wait.

There may be a problem that needs fixing, such as:

  • Puncture or tyre damage – could lead to a sudden blow out
  • Worn-out tyres – could be illegal and an MOT failure
  • Incorrect wheel alignment – can cause uneven wear and steering vibration

All of these can be quickly fixed and can affect your safety – so it is worth checking if unsure.

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