Can you beat 1,311 miles on a single tank of fuel?

Most of us reckon to get a few hundred miles from a tank of fuel. Diesel drivers with a light right foot might reckon on 600 or so miles. But 1,311 miles on a single tank of fuel must be some kind of a record.

The journey in question was from Lucerne in the Swiss Alps to the German town of Cuxhaven on the North Sea coast and back again. The deed was done by retired airline pilot Felix Egolf of Switzerland in a standard Vauxhall Insignia 1.6CDTi ecoFLEX, fitted with Start/Stop.

Vauxhall Insignia on 1,311 mile record trip
Felix Egolf called in at Opel HQ in Germany during his record trip, which saw him drive 1,311 miles on a single tank of fuel.

Mr Egolf is a well-known hypermiler. He says he has been targeting a 2,000km tank for some time now, but has not been able to find a suitable car. The Insignia appears to offer pretty good fuel consumption as standard, on which Egolf managed to improve.

This model’s official combined fuel economy is listed as 74.3mpg or 72.4mpg, depending on trim level. However, hypermiler Egolf (who has no connection with Vauxhall) recorded an impressive average fuel consumption of 82mpg over the entirety of the trip. This included city and motorway driving in typical European traffic conditions.

Commenting on his achievement, Mr Egolf said:

“This hypermiling tour with the Insignia also shows that anybody can easily equal or better official consumption figures by using foresight when driving and pre-empting the situation ahead.”

Egolf’s average of 82mpg represents an improvement of about 12% over the official combined fuel consumption figure. However, according to the Real MPG guide on, the average real-world reported fuel consumption for the 1.6CDTi 136PS ecoFLEX manual model used by Mr Egolf is just 48.8mpg.

While I suspect that it isn’t too difficult for most drivers to manage a little better than this (I can get 40mpg out of my 15-year old Ford Transit if I try), Mr Egolf’s 82mpg average is clearly an impressive result, especially as it includes a fairly realistic mix of roads.

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