If you’re looking for a reliable car, don’t buy a German model

German car manufacturers have long enjoyed a reputation for superior reliability and build quality. Once, that was true — but that was a long time ago.

Honda cars are most reliable
Honda makes the UK’s most reliable cars, according to WarrantyWise.co.uk

While Germany’s car makers continue to trade on their reputation for reliability, the reality is quite different according to data from aftermarket warranty firm WarrantyWise.

WarrantyWise asked more than 750 people who they thought the UK’s most reliable car manufacturers were. Audi, BMW and Mercedes all made it into the top 10. However, WarrantyWise’s data from historic claims suggests a different story. BMW placed just 29th in the firm’s reliability tankings, slightly ahead of Mercedes and Audi in 27th and 28th place.

The data from WarrantyWise confirmed what I’ve long believed: Japanese cars are the most reliable cars you can buy. Seven of the top ten most reliable brands are Japanese, according to WarrantyWise:

1. Honda
2. Toyota
3. Suzuki
4. Mitsubishi
5. Hyundai
6. Mazda
7. Nissan
8. Subaru
9. Ford
10. SEAT

Hyundai flies the flag for Korean manufacturers in fifth place, while Ford manages a creditable ninth. The only link to Germany in this top ten is SEAT, which although a Spanish brand is owned by Volkswagen Audi Group (VAG).

Volkswagen itself managed 14th place in the WarrantyWise’s dependability rankings, well ahead of Mercedes, Audi and BMW, but significantly lower than the top Japanese manufacturers.

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