smart to offer all models with electric power

When smart’s fourth-generation cars go on sale in Europe early in 2017, the firm will become the first manufacturer to offer an electric version of every car in its model range. Admittedly smart’s three-car range is hardly comparable to that of — say — Vauxhall, but it’s an achievement nonetheless.

smart fortwo electric cabrio
The smart fortwo electric cabrio will be the first such model.

The new smart electric drive models will make their world premiere at the Paris Motor Show in October. Global sales will start in the USA in December and in Europe early in 2017. The first electric models should arrive in the UK in September 2017.

Here’s a taster of what to expect:

  • A 60kW electric motor will deliver torque of 160Nm from standstill. That’s a lot of torque for a small, lightweight car. Performance should be lively, although top speed will be limited to 80mph to maximise range.
  • A 100 mile range. Ideal for urban and suburban driving. Plus anyone living on small islands!
  • 2.5 hour charging time. Cars sold in the UK and USA will have a charging time of 2.5 hours, half the time of the outgoing model. A 45-minute fast charger will also be available as an option.
  • The smart fortwofortwo cabrio and forfour will all be available as electric drive models
  • Prices will start from €21,940 for the fortwo, €25,200 for the cabrio and €22,600 for the forfour.

Drivers will be able to monitor key information via a ‘smart control’ app, which will also allow charging or climate control to be managed remotely. So you’ll be able to warm up the inside of the car before you leave for work on cold days.

smart fortwo electric interior
Inside the new smart fortwo electric drive

A range of options will be available, including Brabus styling kits and a winter package including a heated steering wheel.

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