Is This The Ultimate Gangster Car?

The world’s number one terrorist target – US President Barack Obama – has a custom-built GM armoured car that’s based on a truck chassis but looks like a Cadillac on steroids.

British Prime Minister David Cameron has a heavily-modified armoured Jaguar XF.

Other world leaders manage with similar alternatives to Cameron’s Jag.

So who would buy one of these?

Conquest Vehicles Knight XV armoured car
The Conquest Vehicles Knight XV armoured car - starting from just $629,000 (£385,000)

This picture does not do justice to the sheer size of this beast. Conquest Vehicles’ $629,000 Knight XV armoured car is built on a truck chassis and is more than 6m long, 2.5m high and 2.5m wide – a bit like a small lorry. Thanks to all the armoured plating, it weighs 10.5 tonnes, which is hauled around by a 6-litre engine.

Outside, it’s bullet proof, has surveillance cameras, a listening device and spotlights. Naturally, the underbody of the vehicle is armour plated to protect against explosive devices. Buyers can also choose a ‘smoke security system’ which presumably allows the car to escape unseen, leaving a cloud of smoke behind it.

Inside, the cabin is sealed and has an inbuilt oxygen tank to allow the occupants to stay alive in the event of gas attacks. It also features the latest in automotive luxuries, including:

  • Onboard chiller & bar
  • Independent front and rear air conditioning systems
  • Aircraft style reclining seats
  • XBox/Playstation/Satellite TV/Entertainment centre
  • Cigar humidor
  • Privacy/security screen to separate the rear compartment from the driver
  • A safe
  • Electrostatic tinted windows (i.e. you can make the glass clear or opaque with the flick of a switch)
  • Loads more goodies…

The interesting question is who would actually buy one of these? Only 100 Knight XV models will be made and as we have already seen, most world leaders opt for something a bit more respectable and mainstream. There’s also the cost – at £385,000+, even some premiership footballers would feel the pain.

Personally, I reckon that this is the ultimate car for gangsters, dictators and drug barons. Who else suffers from the combination of bad taste, obscene wealth and an everyday fear of serious violence?

For my money, Conquest Vehicles’ sales reps will be gathering some frequent flyer miles to some of the world’s less desirable capital cities over the next year or two…

To learn more about the Conquest Vehicles Knight XV, visit the company’s website.

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