Run Flat Tyres – See Them In Action

An increasing number of car manufacturers now fit run flat spare tyres to their cars – especially upmarket models. These are tyres that stay driveable even if they are punctured. One of the reasons for this is to reduce the danger of a sudden blow out at high speeds, but another reason is so that they don’t have to provide a spare wheel.

Personally, I wouldn’t want to be without a full size spare wheel (not one of these ridiculous, “don’t go above 50mph” undersized space saver wheels). However, manufacturers don’t seem to agree – and perhaps you don’t either.

Whatever the case, run flat tyres are here to stay and do seem to work well. For a vivid demonstration (involving a power drill) of just how well they work, take a look at this video from CarAdvice:

Apparently, run flat tyres like those on Car Magazine’s MINI will keep you going for up to 150 miles until you can get the tyre replaced, which is ok for most situations I suppose.

I can see a few potential problems, though:

  • Finding a tyre place that has exactly the right (run flat) tyre in stock for your car
  • Travelling at night
  • Not being able to complete a long journey before you need to get your tyre replaced – unlike with a regular spare

Does you car have run flat tyres? Do you have any experience of how they behave when punctured?

Let me know in the comments below.

Update: I’ve just seen an interesting comment (scroll to the bottom) about the availability of replacement tyres in The Telegraph’s excellent Honest John Motoring Q&A column. It definitely could be inconvenient if travelling a lot/at night.

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