Types of Child Car Seat

Disclaimer: Although this information was believed to be correct at the time of publishing (October 2011), it may no longer be accurate. We can take no responsibility for any errors or omissions.

All child seats currently for sale in the UK must conform to the United Nations standard ECE Regulation 44-03.

This defines four types of child seat (UK retailers description in brackets):

Group 0 & Group 0+

Baby car seats

Rear-facing baby seats. These provide more support for the baby’s head and back than front-facing seats.

Group 0 is for babies from birth up to 10kg (approx. 6-9 months)
Group 0+ is for babies from birth up to 13kg (approx. 12-15 months)

These should not be fitted in the front of a car if there is an active passenger airbag.

Group 1

Child car seats

Front-facing child seats for children weighing 9kg-18kg (approx. 9 months – 4 years)

These have a built-in harness with a crotch strap that spreads the force of the harness under heavy deceleration and prevents the child slipping forwards out of the seat.

Group 2 & Group 3

Child car booster seats

Group 2 covers children weighing 15-25kg (approx. age 4-6)
Group 3 covers children weighing 22-36kg (approx. age 6-11)

Child restraint devices in these groups fall into two categories:

  • Booster seats
  • Booster cushions

Booster seats in this category will be approved for group 2 and group 3 – i.e. children weighing 15-36kg.

Some booster cushions are only approved for group 3 use – check carefully.

Booster seats and booster cushions are intended to be used with adult seat belts – they do not have built-in harnesses like group 1 child seats.

It’s important to ensure that your child and the seat belt are positioned correctly:

  • Seat belt over shoulder, not neck
  • Seat belt over pelvic area, not stomach
  • Belt as tight as possible

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