Save 5% On New Tyres At [expired]

Online tyre retailer is currently offering a 5% discount on all new tyres and on complete wheel sets.

This offer is only valid until 16th March 2011 or while stocks last.


The specialist tyre website has warned that the rising costs of raw materials are likely to drive tyre prices up this year – so securing a new set of tyres now makes sense, even if yours have a little wear left in them. You can always buy them now, keep them in your garage, and have them fitted in a couple of months, when you need them.

If you’ve been using winter tyres this winter, now is the ideal opportunity to switch back to a new pair of summer tyres.

However, here at, we believe all-season tyres are the best solution for many UK motorists. These provide good performance all-year round without requiring tyre changes.

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