Save 5p Per Litre On Shell V-Power This Friday (12/11/10)

To celebrate the end of the Formula One season this weekend, word has reached me that Shell is offering all customers a 5p/litre discount on V-Power super unleaded and V-Power Diesel on Friday 12th November, 2010.

V-Power is Shell’s premium fuel, offering improved engine cleaning characteristics over its standard fuels. This means that it helps your engine to perform to its maximum potential. V-Power fuels are compatible with all petrol and diesel engines – not just high performance models.

Normally, premium fuels such as Shell V-Power cost around 5p/litre or so more than regular fuels – so most people don’t bother with them. This discount means that V-Power should cost roughly the same as regular unleaded or diesel – so why not treat your car to a premium fuel for once?

You don’t need any coupons, vouchers or codes to get the 5p per litre discount – just find a Shell filling station and fill up with V-Power or V-Power Diesel this Friday:

Click here to find your nearest Shell Service Station

Offer is for 5p/litre discount on V-Power fuels at participating Shell Service Stations. Valid 12/11/10 only.

One thought on “Save 5p Per Litre On Shell V-Power This Friday (12/11/10)

  • November 12, 2010 at 10:06 pm

    My local shell station put the price up first.
    The website says its 5p off the previous day, and they were charging £1.289, had previously been £1.259.

    When I went to pay, I was told the offer was 8am – 8pm and it was 8:40pm

    No 5p off a litre. 🙁


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