Driving Abroad? You May Need A GB Sticker

If you plan to use your car outside the UK, you need to make sure it has the correct country code markings on it.

This is pretty simple – here are the rules:

  • Within EU – GB sticker or EU-style registration plates with GB on blue background required
  • Outside EU – GB sticker always required

If required, your GB sticker should always be displayed clearly on the rear of your car. Nothing is needed at the front.

Remember that Switzerland and Andorra are technically outside the EU – so to be safe, a GB sticker is required.

Note: Registration plates with ENG and a St George’s cross or similar Scottish and Welsh plates aren’t sufficient when driving abroad. You must have a standard issue EU-style plate with GB below a ring of stars on a blue background – like this:

EU format British car registration plate
EU format British car registration plate

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