Driving Lessons

You can start taking driving lessons as soon as you are 17 and have received your provisional driving licence. You don’t have to pass the theory test before you take lessons – in fact, it makes sense to take driving lessons at the same time as you are preparing for the theory test. That way, the theory you learn will be backed up by real on-road expeience, making it easier to remember.

Although there is no legal requirement to take driving lessons, it is by far the best way to learn to drive safely and correctly. It’s worth noting too that you will probably have a better chance of passing your test first time if you have learned with an instructor, as they will be familiar with all the latest requirements and will know the ‘right’ way to do things during your test.

However, even if you are having lessons, it is a good idea to get in some private practice between lessons, too. The most common scenario for young drivers will be to do this with one of their parents. This can lead to a little bit of parent-child friction and stress but is very useful if done right!

Remember that your parents may have acquired several bad habits over the years – don’t imitate their driving style, always drive exactly as advised by your instructor. It may seem slow or uncool but it is usually the safest way and is the only way if you want to pass your practical driving test.

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