Charging Problems Could Double Opel Ampera’s CO2 Emissions

As I pointed out in my post ‘Electric Cars – Could the Electric Companies Cope?’, one of the obvious problems with electric cars is how we would charge them.

Most of our towns and cities are full of old housing with inconveniently located on-street parking – meaning that running a cable from your house to your car would be nigh-on impossible.

This practical point could have a big effect. GM has admitted that the CO2 emissions of its forthcoming Ampera extended-range electric car could double in the UK as a result of owners not being able to charge their vehicles outside their houses.

(The Ampera has an on-board petrol generator to provide electricity to power the vehicle when the batteries run flat. This would have to run more if cars weren’t hooked up to the mains to charge.)

Here’s a link to the relevant Autocar article – it’s well worth a read.

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