New Website Shares Electric Car Charging Locations

PlugSurfing logoA new website has been launched to enable electric vehicle (EV) drivers to find and share electric car charging points across the UK and in Europe. is a community website that allows individuals and organisations providing charging points to share information about their location and the type of charging facilities that are available. Both public charging points and private facilities – provided by PlugSurfers, the site’s users – are included and drivers can contact locations beforehand and review charging points after using them.

According to PlugSurfing, there are currently 3000 electric cars on Britain’s roads, predictions of 8,600 by the end of the year and targets of 2 million by 2020. However, the website’s founders point out that range anxiety and lack of charging points remains the problem:

With a range of only approximately 100 miles on a full battery, EVs require frequent charging; and yet two-thirds of towns in the UK with a population of over 150,000 do not have any public charging points.

PlugSurfing aims to help change this by allowing EV drivers to search for EV-charging points by location or by provider and see the results on a map, using Google Maps or using the PlugSurfing iPhone app.

PlugSurfing website map screenshot

Full details of each charging point are only available to members of the site, but it is free to join and should help to encourage better utilisation of existing facilities and the creation of new EV-charging facilities.

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