Fitting Child Car Seats

Fitting child car seats

Fitting child car seats can be a little awkward if you are not used to it.

Not all seats will fit correctly in all cars, so it is vital to check that the seat you are thinking about buying will fit in your car before you buy it. Most good retailers will allow you to check this before you make a purchase.

Many retailers will also show you how to fit your seat.

Regardless of this, you will need (at some time) to fit and remove the seat yourself – so it is vital that you learn how to do this and always ensure that the seat is fitted correctly.

There should be no looseness once the seat is fitted – if there is, it will fly forwards in the event of an accident and could cause serious harm to your child.

We aren’t going to offer any advice on actually fitting car seats on this website because fittings are too specific to each car and each seat. Also, it’s just too much of an important subject to rely on third-party advice:

Read the instructions that come with your child car seat carefully and seek assistance from a qualified person in case of problems.


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