Fuel Facts

Welcome to Fuel Facts. Use this page to find the cheapest petrol and diesel in your area, learn how to reduce your car’s fuel consumption and learn more about the petrol and diesel that’s sold in the UK.

  • Petrol Prices

    Find the cheapest petrol & diesel prices in your area and update the prices yourself. Click here…

  • Fuel-Saving Driving Techniques

    Improve your fuel consumption by up to 10% with these simple driving tips. Learn how here…

  • Calculating MPG

    We provide an idiot-proof guide to calculating your car’s fuel consumption in mpg. Click here to calculate your MPG.

  • Types of Fuel

    Confused between Super unleaded and premium unleaded? Baffled by biodiesel? We explain all the different types of fuel available in the UK. Click here…

  • Are All Fuels The Same?

    Are supermarket fuels the same as branded fuels? We take a look at the fuel business & consider the facts and the myths in this long-running debate.

  • LPG

    Thinking about an LPG conversion for your car? We explain the pros and cons and help you work out whether you could save money by switching to LPG. Check it out here.

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