Falling petrol prices could soon boost your mileage from a £25 fill

Filling up with petrol

Everyone has a different approach to topping up the tank. There are those who always brim the tank, reducing the number of visits they have to pay to forecourt. On the other hand, some drivers think that carrying a full tank of fuel is a waste of money and weight — after all, a heavier car uses more fuel.

What we all agree on is that we want to pay as little as possible for the petrol or diesel we need. And we want to travel as far as possible on each tankful.

Are prices about to fall?

The good news is that petrol and diesel prices could soon fall. Fears that Saudi Arabia could restrict oil supply have pushed the price of Brent crude oil to nearly $85 per barrel recently. But on Tuesday the price fell to under $76 after the Arab nation — one of the world’s largest producers — said it planned to keep oil markets well supplied.

Of course, oil goes through a number of hands before its turned into petrol or diesel and delivered to a garage forecourt. So calculating the price isn’t always easy. As always, the RAC Fuel Watch service provides a useful indicator of what motorists can expect at the pumps over the next couple of weeks. Today, the picture looks good:

RAC Fuel Watch 21 Oct 2018
RAC Fuel Watch 21 Oct 2018 (image courtesy of RAC)

Which car should I buy for maximum mileage?

Choosing a car isn’t just about fuel consumption. We all have different requirements and budgets which shape our choice of car. But it is interesting to note how apparently similar cars can have very different fuel consumption.

Price comparison website Gocompare.com recently calculated took the 10 best-selling cars in the UK and calculated how far they might travel on £25 of fuel. The results were quite interesting. Here’s how the car’s ranked in terms of mileage, from best to worst:

  1. Volkswagen Polo: 174.8 miles (Newcastle to Liverpool)
  2. Ford Fiesta: 168.8 miles (Sheffield to London)
  3. Vauxhall Corsa: 164.8 miles (Winchester to Plymouth)
  4. Volksagen Golf: 154.4 miles (Leamington Spa to Norwich)
  5. Mercedes A-Class: 154 miles (Sunderland to Nottingham)
  6. Nissan Qashqai: 153.6 miles (Swindon to Colchester)
  7. Ford Focus: 153.6 miles (Glasgow to Newcastle)
  8. Mercedes C-Class: 137.6 miles (Milton Keynes to Wrexham)
  9. Ford Kuga: 136.4 miles (Birmingham to Harrogate)
  10. Mini: 134 miles (Carmarthen to Cheltenham)

Of course, these aren’t real-life tests! The mileage calculation was based on the manufacturers’ official fuel consumption figures for each car. And only one version of each car was used. Different engines will deliver different performance, even in the same car.

Your mileage will vary in real life, but since all manufacturers calculate mpg in the same way, these figures should be of some use for comparisons between cars.

I should point out that Gocompare.com used a fuel price of 129p per litre for their calculations.

In real life, the best way to save money on fuel is to follow our fuel-saving tips and find the cheapest petrol in your are using our fuel price search tool. Just remember to add in the price you pay after you fill up, so that other drivers can benefit from your local knowledge.

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