A New Way To Learn To Drive

care-motoringLearning to drive can be expensive – and many learner drivers (or their parents) struggle to afford the cost of a full set of lessons.

The result is often that new drivers learn to drive with their parents – before having a few driving lessons to finish off with before they take their test.

The problem with this approach is that many older drivers – although they are experienced – have picked up some bad habits over the years and are not familiar with the driving techniques an instructor would teach you. The techniques you need to demonstrate in order to pass your practical driving test.

The result is often a fail – the pass rate for learner drivers who have been taught by an ADI-qualified driving instructor is higher than the pass rate for those who have been taught by a parent or friend.

I’ve recently come across a solution to this problem – the Virtual Driving Instructor (VDI). The Virtual Driving Instructor is a series of audio recordings that helps you practice your driving in private (with a supervising driver such as a parent).

Made up of a series of lessons, the Virtual Driving Instructor follows the DSA (Driving Standards Agency) syllabus for learner drivers – just as a real driving instructor would (click here to see the full syllabus for the lessons).

The difference is the cost – each module of five VDI lessons costs just £4.95 and the complete series of VDI lessons only costs £24.95 to download. Each lesson is designed to provide a mixture of tuition and driving time that should take around an hour. In other words, each lesson costs you just under £1.00 per hour, instead of the £24 per hour charged by most instructors. That’s pretty good value – especially as you can listen to the lessons as many times as you want.

The Virtual Driving Instructor is the brainchild of Jackie Willis, a very experienced (and highly qualified) driving instructor. Through her website, Care Motoring, she provides expert advice and assistance to help learner drivers pass first time and became safe, confident drivers. In addition to the Virtual Driving Instructor audio lessons, Jackie offers regular driving lessons to learners in Norfolk.

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