Book Review: Learn To Drive In 10 Easy Stages

Learn to Drive In 10 Easy Stages by John Wells and Margaret Stacey

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Learn to Drive In 10 Easy Stages is a book that aims to help learner drivers prepare for both their theory and practical tests, including the hazard perception section of the theory test. It is the fourth edition of this popular book and has been thoroughly updated, although as this edition was published in 2009, it does not include details of the new independent driving section of the practical driving test.

Book Structure

Learning to Drive In 10 Easy Stages is broken up into three parts:

  • Part 1: Driving Skills
  • Part 2: Driving Theory Test
  • Part 3: The Highway Code

Driving Skills

Part 1 contains the 10 Easy Stages of the book’s title. It is broken down into 10 logical chapters, each of which provides information a driving student will need to pass their practical driving test. For example, Stage 5, Road Positioning and Turning Corners, deals with road positioning, lane discipline, dealing with bends and dealing with junctions.

I found this section of the book to be well written, clear and easy to follow. It is an ideal book for learner drivers and should help them to prepare for driving lessons and to reinforce what they’ve learnt after each lesson. The Driving Skills section is also structured so that it can be a useful standalone reference guide – learner drivers should be able to find the answers to most of their questions in the pages of this book.

Driving Theory Test & The Highway Code

The Driving Theory Test section of the book starts with some examples of the types of question learner drivers will face in their theory test and then explains how the test is organised and administered. The remainder of the section is taken up with 8 example theory test papers that students can work through before checking their answers at the back of the book. This is very useful and should enable students to accurately test their knowledge of The Highway Code, a copy of which is provided in the final section of this book.

Final Thoughts

I found Learn to Drive In 10 Easy Stages to be an excellent, well-structured book that makes an ideal all-in-one reference guide for learner drivers. When used alongside driving lessons, there is enough information in here to enable students to pass both their theory and practical driving tests.

Book Details (Buy this book on Amazon (Amazon⇒)):

Title: Learn To Drive In 10 Easy Stages
Authors: John Wells and Margaret Stacey
RRP: £10.99
Publisher: Kogan Page
ISBN: 978-0749453039

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