New Changes To Car Driving Test – ‘Independent Driving’

You may have seen in the news recently that the car driving test will be changing from October 2010.

What’s changing is the practical driving test, which will have a new section called independent driving.

What’s Independent Driving?

The powers that be at the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency decided that learner drivers needed to demonstrate that they can follow directions or signs without needing constant step-by-step instructions. At present, test candidates are given constant directions and do not have to navigate for themselves.

According to the DVSA, the independent driving section of the practical driving test will last around ten minutes and will require test candidates to follow signs to a destination or to follow a set of simple directions that they will be shown on a basic map.

The idea is that it’s a useful test of their real-world driving ability and will hopefully improve safety in newly-passed drivers. It seems reasonable to me.

The DVSA has published many videos on YouTube with help and advice on the latest driving test rules and regulations:

Driver And Vehicle Standards Agency on YouTube

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