Can Your Car Deliver The Manufacturer’s MPG Figures?

Car fuel gauge showing emptyWe all know that manufacturer’s official mpg figures are usually pretty hard, if not impossible, to achieve in normal driving.

This makes it very hard for your to compare the fuel consumption of two cars before you buy one of them – you simply have no idea how close to the official mpg figures you will be able to get in the real world.

To help solve this problem, motoring website has now launched the Real MPG Fuel Economy Register to help develop an accurate record of real fuel consumption.

I’ve had a look through the database and it is already very interesting – some cars really can and do achieve the manufacturer’s mpg figures, but some do not even get close.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You (and thousands of other real drivers) calculate your car’s fuel consumption, using the simple instructions provided
  2. You enter your fuel consumption figures into the Real MPG Register
  3. Motorists all over the UK and look at the register and see what mpg figures real drivers are getting for their cars

Click here to visit the Real MPG register – it’s well worth having a look and taking part and promises to be a really useful resource.

(While you’re at it, why not visit our Petrol Prices page and find the cheapest fuel in your area?)

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