Ford Introduces Inflatable Rear Seat Belts

Ford is to introduce inflatable rear seat belts. These new seat belts combine air bag and seat belt technology to spread the pressure of the seatbelt across a wider area of the body in the event of a collision. Ford believe the new system will help reduce head, neck and chest injuries, and will be especially beneficial to children and older passengers.

The seatbelt is inflated through a specially-designed buckle in the event of a collision being detected.

The inflatable seat belts are currently only being fitted to the Ford Explorer, Ford’s American market large 4×4. No date has yet been set for inflatable seat belts to be fitted Ford models in Europe.

Here’s a video showing the system in action:

This video also inadvertently highlights American motorists complacent attitutude towards safety – according to Ford, only about 60% of rear-seat passengers in America use a seat belt. Wow.

My own views on seat belts are far more European – based on both common sense and personal experience, I would never drive without one and would not let my rear-seat passengers do so either.

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