Free Brake Pad Replacements For Life At Halfords Autocentres

Halfords Autocentres is offering customers the chance to buy one set of brake pads and have free replacements for life – even if they change their car.

The deal is that you buy one set of brakes pads (or brake shoes) at retail price at Halfords Autocentres and any further replacements you need, for the rest of your life, are free. If you buy a new car, the deal can be transferred to the new car or to the new owner of your old car – in both cases, subject to an inspection within 30 days of the sale.

The free replacement deal is on a like-for-like basis – so if your front brake pads were the ones that were originally replaced, the free replacement for life policy applies to all future front brake pads, not to your rear brake pads.

The deal appears straightforward enough on paper, but a read of the terms and conditions shows that it has been carefully designed to snare new servicing customers for Halfords Autocentres. For example:

  • Although you are not required to have an annual service to maintain the replacement guarantee, you are required to provide documentary evidence of any brake repairs carried out by any other garage.
  • You cannot have your brake pads or shoes replaced by anyone other than Halfords Autocentres
  • You must have any necessary brake repairs that are identified during an inspection or service carried out within 10 days of notification
  • If you want to transfer the guarantee to a new car, you must take the new car to a branch of Halfords Autocentres for inspection within 30 days of taking ownership.

Given that most brake repairs and pad replacements are carried out during routine servicing, the terms of the deal mean either that you have to have your car serviced at Halfords Autocentres as well, or that you will be making additional trips to the garage and annoying your regular garage by refusing to allow them to replace your brake pads, even when it’s necessary.

Despite this, it still seems a fair deal – not least because Halfords Autocentres servicing prices are pretty reasonable and its online booking facility is very convenient. I’ve used them for servicing myself in the past and had no problems.

5 thoughts on “Free Brake Pad Replacements For Life At Halfords Autocentres

  • June 1, 2012 at 11:45 am

    Avoid Halfords Autocentres at all costs. I recently had new tyres fitted at the Worksop branch and was told that my front brakes were in “an awful state” and that my discs and pads would need replacing. Barry then went through the ‘brakes for life’ plan and provided a quote, in excess of £200. I decided to change my pads and discs myself and bought the parts (£42 at retail not trade prices). When I came to taking the wheels off and inspected I found that the pads did need replacing but the discs were still in good shape and just needed and wire brushing.

    Needless to say, they purposely hiked up what needed doing in order to increase their margin on the job and save time. Replacing a disc is actually quicker than cleaning an old one (which is essential when replacing pads), so the customer ends up paying more for new unnecessary parts and Halfords save time but make more profit. Who’s the loser? The customer every time!

    As for brakes for life, this is a complete joke and waste of money. You pay a premium for the privilege of being able to have pads ONLY replaced for free the rest of the car’s life or longer if transferred to a new vehicle. What it doesn’t cover is discs! You don’t need to be Einstein to know that when it comes to getting your pads replaced, the likelihood is that you’ll be told the discs will need doing too, which is going to be charged for (even if they don’t). As for £200 for the job, this is excessive for a job that literally takes an amateur mechanic 45 minutes plus the parts (£50 max). A total of £120 would be a normal figure for this.

    Give your details to Halfords and after they’ve told you about brakes for life you’ll be bombarded with letters giving you a special 10% off of you have them replaced within a few days. It makes you feel so special! The Halfords marketing and sales team are pushing this big style and it’s not for no reason. At over £200 to replace some discs and pads it’s easy money and allows them to get a grip of you for when you need your next set of pads, thus allowing them to find others ways of extracting some more cash.

    Be warned!

    • June 1, 2012 at 1:42 pm


      Thanks for the comment… Fast fit centres do have a certain reputation for selling more parts than strictly necessary — as you point out, it’s very profitable. In its defence, Halfords isn’t aiming at DIY mechanics and is trying to offer a more user-friendly, predictive service than your average garage. Not sure that justifies the markup, though.

      Funnily enough, Autocentres was one of the most profitable parts of Halfords’ business last year, in a year when sat nav and car stereo sales plunged…

  • March 17, 2013 at 11:40 am


    I brought a car and the guy put in the ad that it had brakes for life?
    NOT THE CASE !!! i took the car to halfords as brakes were getting a bit crap,
    i took the invoice with me as it states, to be told that as i was not the person that brought this brakes for life it cannot be transfered to another person or new owner of the car that the brakes for life had been put on !!!!! RIP OFF HALFORDS !!!!

    • March 18, 2013 at 9:14 am

      Halfords places tight restrictions on change of ownership and transferring the Brakes for Life agreement and this is one of the restrictions I pointed out in my article. To transfer the brakes for life agreement you have to have the car inspected within 30 days of change of ownership. This is what Halfords says in the Brakes for Life terms and conditions on its website:

      If you want to transfer your free replacement to the new owner of your car, the new owner must come into a Halfords Autocentre for a vehicle safety check within 30 days of buying the car. They must show us the V5 registration or bill of sale showing the date of change so we can update who the registered keeper of the vehicle is.

      I agree that it is unlikely many people will do this…

  • December 2, 2016 at 8:21 am

    Avoiding to Halfords, they will come up with loads of issues . I ent there for MOT then they said that my battery needs replacing, disc needs replacing, gearbox needs replacing. Went to another garage who laughed at all their findings (Halfords). It was a rusty wheel guard that causing the rattling noise, battery is fine ( using it fr 2 yrs).


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