Fuel prices rise in September as supermarket discount shrinks

Morrisons filling station, Wetherby
By Mtaylor848Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

Unleaded petrol prices rose by an average of 1.6p per litre to 111.8p in September, according to the latest AA fuel report. Diesel drivers saw a bigger increase as the average cost of fuel for oil burners rose by 1.9p per litre to 113.1p.

Drivers who usually fill up at supermarkets may have seen a bigger increase. The supermarket average cost of petrol rose by 2.5p to 109.0p last month. Supermarket diesel also rose by 2.5p per litre, to 109.9p.

Where’s cheapest?

Of course, fuel prices vary widely between garages and around the UK. According to the AA’s figures, the cheapest region of the UK for both petrol and diesel is Northern Ireland, where a litre of unleaded averaged 110.8p last month and a litre of diesel cost an average of 111.9p.

The most expensive region was East Anglia, where unleaded averaged 112.2p per litre and diesel 113.6p per litre.

Of course, driving out of your way to find cheaper fuel makes no sense at all. You simply burn more fuel (which you have to pay for) in order to save a few pence at the pumps. That’s why finding the cheapest fuel in your local area is essential if you want to cut the cost of motoring.

One way to do this is to use our UK Fuel prices page. This search tool is completely free and does not require registration to use. Just scroll around the map to find the cheapest petrol and diesel in your area.

Remember: this system relies on drivers like you to update prices. Please enter the prices you’re paying to help keep the system up to date! Thank you.

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