Fuel Up 2p Per Litre – Are You Wasting It?

This week saw duty on petrol and diesel rise by (another) 2p per litre.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is that more and more people are discovering how much fuel they can save by optimising their driving habits and managing their vehicle usage better.

I’ve written about good driving habits before and I’m pleased to see that many of my tips are also on a list published this week by the Institute of Advanced Motoristsclick here for the IAM’s list.

Wasting fuel is all too easy. Thankfully, saving it is just as easy. Here’s our 30 second guide to reducing fuel consumption:

  • Keep your tyres correctly inflated
  • Remove roof racks and boxes that aren’t in use
  • Clear junk out of your boot to cut down on weight
  • Avoid short journeys – engines are much less efficient when cold
  • Look further ahead so that you can plan your braking and acceleration more efficiently
  • Slow down on motorways – once you get over about 60mph, your fuel consumption just goes up and up…

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