New Research Shows 91% Of Motorists Don’t Understand Mechanic-Speak

Have you ever pretended to understand something a mechanic tells you in order not to look like a soft touch?

If you have, you’re not alone; 40% of car owners have pretended to understand something they have been told by a garage in order to conceal their lack of knowledge and reduce the risk of being overcharged.

A whopping 91% of car owners say that the terminology used by mechanics leaves them “bewildered” and 48% of motorists admit that they have paid for a service or repair without understanding what it was for.

These findings were the result of a survey carried out for Halfords during which 2,000 motorists were questioned about their garage experiences. As well as being asked about their experiences with garages, the motorists were also asked some specific technical questions to identify their level of technical knowledge. The results showed that 43% of motorists did not know the purpose of an alternator, while 61% didn’t know what a ‘big end’ is and 60% did not know how a slipping clutch should be fixed.

The results have prompted Halfords Autocentre (the new name for Nationwide Autocentre) to team up with the Plain English Campaign to produce an “easy to understand guide of motoring industry terms.” Staff in all 240 Halfords Autocentre garages around the UK have undertaken to use “clear and transparent” language when dealing with customers, and the campaign is part of Halford Autocentre’s drive to deliver “helpful, honest and reliable customer service”, according to Halfords Autocentre Chief Executive Duncan Wilkes.

This approach to customer service is one of the reasons we recommend Halfords Autocentre here at I have personally been a customer of Halfords Autocentre in the past and always found the service to be reliable, honest and reasonably priced.

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