New Video Illustrates Winter Tyre Benefits

If you are still considering whether to switch to winter tyres this winter, then this new video from tyre safety campaigners Tyresafe might help you decide.

It’s obvious that winter tyres are not worthwhile for all drivers in the UK – many drivers have the choice not to drive on days when snow or ice are particularly bad. However, if your life or work requires you to make journeys safely and punctually, whatever the weather, then winter tyres are worth considering.

Remember: All-Season tyres and winter tyres have a different tread and a different rubber compound that remains soft and grippy in low temperatures – unlike summer tyres which become hard and slippery.

Winter tyres work better than summer (standard) tyres whenever the temperature is below 7ºC. You don’t need snow or ice on the ground to benefit from winter tyres. 

Winter tyres are not the same as the ice tyres used in some areas of Scandinavia, which are not designed to work well on tarmac. Winter tyres are far more moderate and are designed for northern European winter road conditions – it’s as simple as that.

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