Petrol rises, but diesel gets cheaper in April — AA

Filling up car with fuelThe average UK cost for a litre of unleaded inched up to 129.7p in April, according to the AA, while the average cost of a litre of diesel fell slightly to 136.3p.

The latest figures show that prices are virtually unchanged since the start of the year — in January, the average cost of a litre of unleaded petrol was 130.5p, while diesel clocked in a slightly steeper 138.8p.

Although high mileage users might benefit from these small changes, the average driver won’t notice much difference.

Supermarkets remain the cheapest place to buy fuel, whether petrol or diesel, as these figures show:

  • Supermarket fuel: Unleaded 95: 127.5p / Diesel: 132.5p
  • Garage & supermarket average: Unleaded 95: 129.7p / Diesel 138.3p

As these figures show, drivers can make significant savings by buying their fuel at supermarkets, especially diesel, which is currently 6p/litre cheaper at supermarkets, on average.

Although some drivers maintain a prejudice against supermarket fuel, I’ve never been able to tell much difference, and I suspect that standard premium leaded and diesel are much the same everywhere, even if premium fuels such as Shell VPower are genuinely different.

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