Photocard Driving Licences – Does Yours Need Renewing?

One of the minor motoring surprises of 2008 was the discovery, by many people, that the photocard part of the driving licences had expired, ten years after it was issued.

I have to admit that when I first got my 2-part photocard licence, I didn’t realise that the photocard needed renewing every 10 years. When you think about it, the reason is obvious – people’s appearance can change considerably over 10 years, so a fresh photo is required to ensure accurate recognition of the licence holder.

To make matters worse, the only way to renew these photocards at present is to fill in the renewal pack you should receive from the DVLA and post it back to them – with a new photo and a cheque for £17.50.

However, there is a little good news on the horizon. From April 2010, it will be possible to renew your photocards at 750 Post Offices around the UK. These locations will have cameras and will provide a ‘One Stop’ facility for renewal:

  • Scan your application form
  • Take a new photo
  • Electronically capture your signature
  • Send all the information to the DVLA, who will post you a new photocard

The £17.50 fee will remain – in fact it will probably rise when the DVLA announce this year’s fee increases in April.

For full details of the current renewal process, click here to visit the official DVLA website.

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