Potholes – A North/South Divide?

The colder than normal winter we have just endured has had a disasterous effect on some of the nation’s roads – certainly around where I live, in North Yorkshire, many busy roads have noticeably degraded, with potholes that are larger and deeper than ever before.

Indeed, potholes seem to be an increasingly expensive problem for British motorists – a new survey by Potholes.co.uk using data from Warranty Direct has found that an average of £1m is spent on repairing car damage caused by potholes every day!

The survey also found that the problem gets worse as you go further north. By analyzing axle and suspension failures, Potholes.co.uk found  that 9 out of the 10 worst-rated regions are in the north of England and Scotland. By contrast, 9 of the 10 lowest failure rates were in the south of England.

If you car has been damaged by a pothole, you may be able to claim back the cost of the repair from your council or the Highways Agency. It’s quite a complicated procedure but the basic idea is to prove that they have failed in their duty to regularly inspect and maintain the road.

Click here for the Potholes.co.uk guide to claiming for pothole damage.

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