RAC launches new roadside EV charger

RAC EV Boost vans will provide a top-up charge for electric cars.
RAC EV Boost will initially be available in London, Manchester and Birmingham

The biggest worry people seem to have with electric cars is range anxiety — the fear they will run out of battery charge without being able to get to a charger.

The risk is real enough, even if most electric car drivers say that it’s less of a problem than you expect.

To help put motorists’ minds at rest and deal with the practical problem of electric cars with flat batteries, the RAC has launched a new EV Boost system.

This is a lightweight mobile EV charger that’s fitted to a patrol van. The EV Charger will give an electric car a top-up charge that will enable it to get to a proper charger under its own power.

The EV Boost system will work with all Type 1 and Type 2 connections, which the RAC says will cover 99% of electric vehicles in the UK today.

The RAC EV Boost charger unit
The RAC EV Boost systems will connect to Type 1 and Type 2 charging sockets, covering virtually all current electric vehicles.

It’s the equivalent of putting a can of petrol into your car’s tank so you can drive to the nearest garage. But there’s a second benefit too — most electric cars can’t be towed and must be transported with all four wheels off the ground. That’s often inconvenient and slow to arrange, especially in busy city centres.

Being able to give EVs a quick boost to get moving seems like a great idea. The RAC’s first six vans with EV generators will be deployed in June to London, Birmingham and Manchester. As electric cars become more popular, I expect the system will be fitted to more patrol vans.

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