Scrap A Car & Give To Charity

It was not so many years ago that you had to pay scrap yards to scrap a car – leading to a dramatic rise in dumped cars around the UK. Rising metal and commodity prices put an end to that some years ago, and these days scrap yards will pay you when you scrap your car – usually around £100.

If money is tight, that is £100 you will probably want to put towards the cost of a replacement car, but if you can afford to ‘give away’ your old car, then a new service will enable you have the car collected at no cost and make a donation to a charity of your choice – all from a scrap car. enables you to donate your car to charity. It arranges for the collection of your old car – so you will not need to do anything except contact Giveacar with your car’s details and wait for them to come and collect it.

Giveacar is a business and funds its services by taking 25% of the money raised by the scrap cars its customers donate. The remaining 75% of the money is given to charity. Customers can choose their own charity or they can let Giveacar choose for them – it’s up to you.

Giveacar can arrange for cars and motorbikes to be collected throughout the UK, without charge.

If you would like to donate your scrap car to charity, visit

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