Simple Motoring News 18/04/11 – Young Driver Insurance

Learner Driver Car Insurance That Doesn’t Discriminate?

Insurance company i-kube is best known for its policy of offering discounted young driver insurance in return for not driving between the hours of 11pm and 5am. Cars are fitted with a GPS device to monitor compliance and each breach of the curfew incurs an eye-watering £100 penalty payment.

However, i-kube also offers learner driver insurance with an unusual benefit. Unlike most learner driver policies, i-kube will cover learner drivers in their own cars on a normal annual policy that continues, with no cost increase, once the policyholder has passed their test.

The compromise is that cars still have to be fitted with a GPS tracker and are still subject to a 11pm-5am curfew, but there do seem to be some advantages:

  • No policy cancellation or increase in premium after test pass
  • Ability to build up no-claims discount (NCD) while learning to drive

Many learner driver insurance policies cease once the driver has passed their test and do not accrue NCD, meaning that the newly-qualified driver has to start from scratch with a new policy once they have passed their test.

Sky-high insurance costs for young drivers mean that the popularity of ‘black box’ schemes like i-kube is rising. Other companies offering similar schemes include Endsleigh, Insure The Box, Young Marmalade and the Co-Op.

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Luxury Car Show Coming To Nottingham In May

Luxury Motor Show 2011At the other end of the spectrum from learner driver insurance is the kind of specialist, high value insurance required by high performance cars.

The Luxury Motor Show 2011 will take place at Goosedale Conference and Banqueting, near Nottingham on the 22nd May 2011.

The show will feature a display of up to 200 luxury and high performance vehicles, including marques such as Ferrari, Aston Martin and Lamborghini.

Admission will be £5 per adult and a VIP lunch package is available at £25 per person if you fancy treating the car enthusiast in your life to a special day out.

For full details, visit

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