News 28/03/2011 Launches Money-Saving Newsletter

We’ve just launched the newsletter. In it we aim to include money-saving tips and discount codes plus useful information and news relating to cost-conscious, reliable motoring.

In our first issue, we look provide tips to help you save money on fuel – essential reading with fuel prices at their current levels. You can find the latest edition of the newsletter here, along with links to all of our past newsletters.

AA Launches Service & Repair Service

The AA has launched a new Service & Repair Service. This enables you to quote and book servicing, MOTs and repairs for your car through the AA’s website.

You car will be collected from you and delivered back to your after servicing, and in some areas of the UK a Mobile Technician service is available – so you can have your car serviced at a location of your choosing, without needing to take it to a garage.

Prices start from £99 for a service, £45.90 for an MOT and £144.90 for a combined service and MOT.

Visit The AA website to find out more about AA Service & Repair.

75% Of Drivers Don’t Recognise Minimum Speed Sign

Goodyear Blimp
The Goodyear Blimp - image copyright of Goodyear

A new survey by tyre manufacturer Goodyear has found that 23% of drivers do not know what a no overtaking sign means and an astonishing 75% did not recognise a minimum speed sign successfully – they thought that it was actually a maximum speed sign.

In case you are not sure about the difference between the two, a maximum speed sign will always be circular, with a white background and a red border. The speed limit will be displayed in the centre of the sign in black numbers. A minimum speed limit sign, on the other hand, will be blue, with the speed limit displayed in white numbers.

For anyone who is unsure about road signs, try to remember this:

As a general rule, circular white signs with red borders indicate something you must not do. Triangular signs with red borders are usually warnings (e.g. a give way sign) and blue signs usually tell you something you can do, such as parking or a minimum speed.

Click here for the official Highway Code online.

The results of this survey come as Goodyear announces that the famous Goodyear blimp is making a return to the UK this year for the first time in twelve years, as part of a European campaign to promote road safety. Goodyear is running a competition to find the person who most deserves a ride in the blimp. For information on how to nominate someone and to find out when the Goodyear blimp will be in your area, visit

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