Smaller Cars With Smaller Engines Are Buyers’ Choice

Used car buyers are flocking to buy smaller cars with smaller engines, according to Glass’s Guide.

Glass’s, whose used car price guide is the bible for secondhand car dealers, reports that used car buyers are increasingly focused on lower running costs above everything else.

This should come as no surprise when you consider that fuel prices are at record highs, road tax has just risen (in last week’s budget) and car insurance has risen by an average of almost 30% over the last year (according to a report by The Commons Transport Select Committee).

Adrian Rushmore, Glass’s Managing Director, said: “Retail customers shopping for a lower medium-sized car will ask, on the grounds of cost, why it would be necessary to buy anything with a bigger power output than a Focus 1.6 TDCi.” He also commented that larger petrol-engined cars (which tend to attract the highest rates of road tax) were becoming especially unpopular with car dealers, especially if they look the same as smaller-engined models.

Rushmore says, “What dealers are ideally looking for in order to satisfy consumer demands are well-presented small and supermini cars that can be purchased for under £3,000.”

Glass’s report will come as no surprise to visitors, who understand that owning a car that burns more money than strictly necessary is not very clever.

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