Supermarket fuel price rises while UK average stays flat in May

Save moneySupermarket fuel is usually cheaper than other retailers, but that gap shrunk in May, according to the latest AA Fuel Price Report.

According to the AA, the average price of a litre of supermarket unleaded rose to 128.2p last month, leaving it just 1.7p below the UK average of 129.9p, which rose by just 0.2p in May.

Diesel prices were flat last month, too, with the UK average falling by 0.1p to 136.2p. As always, there were regional differences, although these aren’t huge:

  • Most expensive unleaded: Northern Ireland (131.3p)
  • Cheapest unleaded: Yorkshire & Humberside (129.5p)
  • Most expensive diesel: Scotland (136.9p)
  • Cheapest diesel: North of England (135.8p)

Of course, fuel prices vary from garage to garage, and you can sometimes save several pence a litre by driving a few hundred yards down the road! You can find the latest UK fuel prices on our fuel prices page.

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