Underinflated Tyres Waste £4.6bn In Fuel Each Year

car tyre treadI have mentioned the importance of keeping your tyres correctly inflated before – well here’s proof.

Tyre manufacturer Bridgestone conducted a massive survey, checking the tyres of 52,400 cars in 15 EU countries. The results surprised even a tyre pressure obsessive like me – 82% of the cars checked had underinflated tyres. From this, Bridgestone calculated that 4 billion litres of fuel (£4.6bn worth) is being wasted by European drivers every year – just because of underinflated tyres. That’s equivalent to 9.3 million tonnes of CO2 – not good.

Of the 52,400 cars surveyed, 26.5% were seriously underinflated (more than 7psi below the manufacturers’ recommended pressures) and 7.5% were downright dangerous, at more than 11psi below recommended pressures. Tyres that are this badly underinflated will not provide the stability or grip that correctly inflated tyres provide and will be much more prone to blowouts and sudden punctures.

Finally, Bridgestone found that a frightening 17% of those surveyed had tyres with a tread depth below the legal limit of 1.6mm. Tyres that are this badly worn only provide a fraction of the grip that new tyres give, especially in wet conditions. These people are dangerous – make sure you’re not one of them:

For more information on checking your car’s tyres, click here for our tyre safety guide.

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