What’s The Cheapest, Fast Car You Can Buy? [Infographic]

Red convertible sports carWhen you buy a car, you are usually forced to compromise on at least one of these:

  • How much it costs to buy
  • How much it costs to run
  • How fast it goes

There’s also a fourth — how reliable it is — but we’ll ignore that for now in order to provide a suitable introduction to today’s infographic, which comes from Tesco Compare and is entitled Economy vs. Excess.

This allows you to compare the performance, fuel cost per mile and performance of lots of popular (and fantasy) cars. I think it could prove a great tool if you are negiating a marital car purchase — for example:

“You see, dear, this BMW 3-Series (2l) is actually more fuel efficient and faster than a Volkswagen Golf GTI, so I am saving us money by buying a new BMW. Your mother will be impressed, too.”

On the other hand, if you’ve got your eyes on a Captain Sensible Ford Mondeo 1.6l, you might be a bit disturbed to know that you will be paying just as much for fuel as your boss, who drives a Porsche Panamera 3l V6. Ouch. Still, you’ll both be paying less than the unfortunate Golf GTI driver.

Finally, if you’ve won the lottery and want everybody to know about it, then buy a Bugatti Veyron. Not only is it the most expensive car you can buy, it’s also the thirstiest, thanks to its mind-boggling 8-litre engine…

Check out the infographic in all it’s glory below (click to enlarge):

A Pound for Pound Car Comparison by Tesco Compare

An Infographic by Tesco Compare Car Insurance

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