Product Review: Eco Touch Waterless Car Wash

Eco Touch Waterless Car WashDisclosure: I received free review samples from Eco Touch for the purpose of this review. I received no payment and was not required to submit a positive review.

I suspect that most of us do not give much thought to the eco-friendliness of the car cleaning products we use – although perhaps we should.

Eco Touch is a car care company that’s well known in the USA but new to the UK. It claims that its range of car care products have none of the toxic chemicals found in many conventional alternatives and instead used natural ingredients wherever possible – without compromising on performance.

A few weeks ago, Eco Touch sent me a bottle of its Waterless Car Wash to try out and review. Now that winter seems to be retreating, it seemed like a good time to clean up my campervan, so last Sunday I did the suburban male thing and went outside to wash the car…

Natural Ingredients

I have no idea what ingredients are included in the other waterless car wash products I’ve used – because they are not printed on the label. However, I do know exactly what’s in Eco Touch Waterless Car Wash and with my limited knowledge of chemistry, it doesn’t seem too bad:

Eco Touch claims that the ingredients it uses are derived from plants such as soy, corn and plam whenever possible, and my cursory examination of the small print seems to confirm this.

Does Eco Touch Work?

Eco Touch claims that its products end need for you and I to choose between cleaning results and saving the environment.

My campervan hadn’t been cleaned for longer than usual and was quite dirty, so it provided a reasonable test for this spray.

As with all waterless wash products, applying it is a two cloth procedure:

  1. Cloth one – spray on the car wash and then wipe off the dirt
  2. Cloth two – buff paintwork or glass to a shine

Anyone cleaning a large, dirty vehicle will need more than two cloths – they do get dirty fast and need to be laundered afterwards. Luckily, I have a large supply of microfibre towels.

Unlike other similar products I’ve used, Eco Touch says to spray the wash onto the cloth, rather than the bodywork. I found that spraying it onto the bodywork directly worked better – perhaps because it was quite dirty – and used this method for most of the vehicle.

The Results

The Eco Touch Waterless Car Wash delivered a solid performance, removing virtually all traces of grime without scratching or requiring much effort to buff.

The end result gave a decent shine and it was quicker and easier than washing with water and then drying.

Before and after using Eco Touch Waterless Car Wash
Before and after – waterless wash really is the easiest way to clean your car

The only slight weakness was in removing some black streaks that have built up during the winter – Eco Touch got rid of most of the streaks but faint traces remained. When I did the same job with One Dry Wash waterless wash, the streaks disappeared completely.

Despite this, it was a very competent performance, made more pleasant by the attractive citrus aroma of this product and the knowledge that is was 100% biodegradeable and toxin-free. Verdict

Product: Eco Touch Waterless Car Wash (£8.99, 500ml)

Pros: Works well, environmentally friendly, nice smell

Cons: Nothing much. It didn’t quite remove all of my black streaks – but to be fair, many car shampoos wouldn’t either.

To find out more about Eco Touch products, visit

One thought on “Product Review: Eco Touch Waterless Car Wash

  • June 25, 2012 at 7:53 pm

    Using these waterless sprays has other implications according to some people. As they are made from food sources, some people say that vital food is being made unavailable to eat.
    Also, 5ltrs of basic car wash can be purchased for a cost of 500mltrs of waterless cleaner. It would use the complete 500 mltrs to clean a motorhome. You would then have to wash and rinse quite a few cloths, presuming you want to use them again.
    My 5ltrs of car wash will probably wash my motorhome about 50 times, saving me over £400 on the purchase of waterless cleaner. I can wash and rinse my van using about 20ltrs of water, you would use almost that amount to wash your cloths each time. So in fact, you may save a little water, but it will cost you an awful lot of money to keep your vehicles clean.


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