New TomTom City service provides live traffic info

Navigation specialist TomTom has a vast about of information about current and historical traffic conditions in major cities.

The firm is now making much of this publicly available through its new TomTom City service, which is completely free.

TomTom City is a traffic portal providing live traffic and travel information in major cities. At present it’s limited to a restricted number of major world cities (including London) but the service is expected to become more comprehensive later this year.

Update 20 July 2016: TomTom City now covers Manchester and Glasgow in the UK.

What’s on offer?

The service is built around a City map with a choice of three views:

  • Traffic flow
  • Traffic incidents
  • Delay hotspots

These are pretty self explanatory. Traffic flow and traffic incidents are essentially real-time services providing a view of what’s happening right now. The delay hotspots view provides information about congestion bottlenecks reported over the last three months.

TomTom City screenshot
Screenshot from TomTom City for London. It’s nearly 5pm, traffic is building (image copyright TomTom)

You can click on incidents and delay hotspots to see more detailed information about the potential problem. Most data is presented so that you can tell which direction of travel it applies to. Traffic on a two-way road is often only queueing in one direction. You can see which direction is causing problems on the map.

London is the only UK city covered at the moment, but coverage is pretty comprehensive. A total of 8,443km of roads in the capital are covered and the area covered extends beyond the M25.

If you drive in London, TomTom City could be worth a look — it’s at

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