New TomTom smart sat navs use smartphone to provide live updates

TomTom has launched two new sat navs which use your smartphone to provide live traffic and speed camera updates.

The new models also allow you to plan trips through the TomTom MyDrive smartphone app and will work as a bluetooth hands-free kit.

The new models are the TomTom VIA 52 and VIA 62. The only difference between them is the screen size, which is 5″ for the 52 and 6″ for the 62.

TomTom VIA 52 sat nav
The TomTom VIA 52 smart sat nav uses your smartphone to provide live traffic information and speed camera alerts.

The new models come with lifetime European maps and lifetime TomTom Traffic. Speed camera alerts are included for 3 months, after which a subscription is required.

What’s the big deal?

Sat navs offering live traffic information usually have their own SIM card and require an annual subscription. That used to make sense, but these days most sat nav used also have a smartphone with a data plan. This means it’s more sensible (and cheaper) to cut out the extra cost from the sat nav and used the phone you’re already paying for.

TomTom says that typical monthly data usage for the VIA models is just 10MB, so you won’t need to worry about your sat nav eating up your data allowance.

If you’re interested in learning more about how TomTom’s smart sat navs work, then stay tuned. A TomTom GO 510 is currently sat on my desk, courtesy of TomTom UK. This unit has the same smartphone integration as the VIA models. I’ll be publishing a full review of the GO 510 very shortly.

The TomTom VIA 52 is available immediately from selected retailers priced from £139.99 (UK maps) and on the TomTom webstore, while the VIA 62 will be on sale from July.

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