Product Review: AA Emergency Snow Shovel

AA Foldable Snow Shovel
Here’s the shovel ready for use – small, sturdy and very useful

Disclosure: I received a free sample for the purpose of this review. I received no payment and was not required to write a positive review.

Update: Down the side of my office is a steeply sloping side street that’s a dead end. I’ve just used this shovel to clear the snow and ice from behind the wheels of two cars that were stuck, trying to reverse up the hill to get out of the street. It worked well – much better than either spinning the wheels a lot (which turns snow into ice) or throwing salt on top of uncleared snow (which does not work fast enough).

A folding shovel is an essential winter driving accessory that should be kept in your car. It can be used to clear snow and ice from under your wheels or to help dig your wheels out if you get stuck in the mud.

In this review I’ll look at the folding shovel that’s sold by The AA. There are a large number of these tools on the market, all of them loosely based on similar tools that are widely used in the army.

The AA’s Emergency Snow Shovel (£14.99) comes in a sturdy canvas pouch that ensures that any dirt on the shovel will not be transferred to the inside of your car once you’ve finished using it.

AA Foldable Snow Shovel folded up
Folded up, it hardly takes any room at all

It is small enough that it will not get in the way in your boot but big enough to clear snow and ice from under your wheels or to dig out your wheels  if you have got stuck in the mud. When unfolded, it is 59cm from end-to-end. Folded up, it’s about 24cm long.

The shovel is quick and easy to assemble – just fold out the handle and blade and then screw down the collar on the shaft of the shovel until the blade is held firmly in position. It is possible to fix the blade at several different angles – you can even use this as a pick, should you need to.

Simple Motoring says: A good example of this essential piece of winter kit. Recommended.

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